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Fremantle Herald |
Arty Feed

The West Australian | Search For Stories Through the Lens an Enduring Legacy

ABC Radio | Through the Lens With Nuclear Photographer Brett Leigh Dicks
Fremantle Shipping News | Fine Photography

Photo Review | Head On Reveals People's Choice Winners

Santa Barbara Independent | Photographer Captures Atomic Energy's Fallout

Griffith Review | Nuclear Landscapes

Humble Arts Foundation | Portraits Without People

Griffith Review | Nuclear Landscapes

RTRFM | Nuclear Landscapes

IGNANT | Images of Abandoned Nuclear Landscapes Remind Us Of Consequences of Military Conflict

Le Conseil| Forces en Présence

Yahoo! News | Cold War Photos Bring History To Life
CBC Radio | Cold War Roadtrip
Santa Barbara News-Press | Observations from the Old Cell Block

Santa Barbara News-Press | Behind the Bars

The Montecito Journal | Take No Prisoners

Digital Image Reporter | 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Honors 20 American Photographers
ABC Radio National | Photographer Explores Abandoned Australian Gaols
Newcastle Herald | Powerful Prison Photographs on Exhibit at Maitland Gaol
Maitland Mercury | Gaol House Shots
ABC News | Maitland Prison Stages Photography Exhibit
NINE | Eerie Photos of Abandoned Australian Prisons
Dodho Magazine | Behind These Walls by Brett Leigh Dicks
MonoVisions | Behind These Walls
The Spaces | Behind Bars: Exploring America's Abandoned Prisons
Smith Journal | Abandoned Nuclear Missile Bases
VICE | Haunting B&W Photos Document Abandoned Nuclear Missiles Bases

Feature Shoot | The Eerie World of Forgotten Nuclear Missile Bases
Santa Barbara Seasons | Local Photographer Exhibits at Fremantle Prison

Prison Photography | Images of Vacated Prisons are Empty Spaces - Or Are They?

Santa Maria Sun | Unique Perspectives
Santa Barbara Independent | Essential Viewing
Santa Barbara Independent | Winter in America
Advance | Gallipoli: Photographs by Brett Leigh Dicks
Santa Barbara Independent | A Private Affair
Die Welt | Den Weg in den Markt
Santa Barbara News-Press | Phantom Bricks in the Wall

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